Desperate Times Call for a Shared Index

Share your index in your network

The ability of a company to save resources (especially in times like these) is very important. If you’re like me, you might be doing a little belt tightening at home due to the new economic realities of our time, but why should it only be done at home?



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We are talking about efficiency in the workplace. Many companies think they do fine in this environment, but I would say that the larger the company is, the more out of touch they are with the common employee. Think of how shocked Wall Street was when they learned what was actually happening at the point of purchase with these loans! So, I’m not here to say that your company is out-of-touch, but maybe give you a little advice to check to make sure your Enterprise Search solutions are working for the “common man”.


Sharing is Caring

The biggest and easiest change a company can make today is a: Shared Index. A Shared Index allows a company not only to pool large amounts of data, but to save significant amounts of Enterprise Search resources in the process. Think, you are using the internet right now and looking at the word “Shared Index”. If you were to try and put all of that information on a single computer, you’ll probably be long gone before it finishes indexing and you would have to invest vast amounts of money in infrastructure.

Fortunately, that will never need to be done, but why do companies refuse to see that saving company resources with a Shared Index is a good idea? The short answer is security. Companies fear that having a shared index will allow employees who should have access to certain data will. All I can say is that today’s Enterprise Search systems are not the ones your parents used. With sophisticated Group Policies built into the software itself. With proper management, Shared Index data can be as secure or as open as the company needs.

So, if you have a system in place, make sure that you are utilizing a Shared Index to help eliminate duplicate work and save your company resources.

Date: 03. Jul 2011
Author: Eric Ebert
Tags: Enterprise Search Indexing Lookeen

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