Ever had canned meat in your in-box?

Spam originates from canned meat

Sounds absurd? It makes more sense if you look closer at the derivation of the word Spam. Even though the word Spam means nothing else, but litter, garbage or refuse, something the unwanted Mails indeed are, it doesn’t explain why Spam is the word everyone uses for them, while it could have been trash or waste too. A sketch of the world famous Monty Python group is to be blamed that out of all things, the word Spam gained its questionable fame. The Comedians made fun out of the double meaning of the word Spam in said sketch. Spam is in the English language not only the word for waste and trash, but is also the unflattering synonym for an American canned meat product, called (Spiced Ham).



Do you want to be able to find emails, even if they're in your spam folder? You can!

In the mentioned sketch the guest of a restaurant was offered meals solely containing the word Spam. To make it even more absurd, some of the dishes named contained the word Spam more than once, like “Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Bacon and Span Beans Spam” (see here the Monty Pythons Spam-Sketch).

The strange accumulation of the word Spam during the Sketch became a basic principle. As the first trash Emails appeared, the word Spam became the general term of that, what is today in everyone’s in-box. And in everyone’s mouth. To escape this flood of unwanted and even more so unneeded Emails, a lot of users use the help of Spam-Filters that automatically filter the Spam-Mails out of the in-box. Spam-Filter are programs which are capable of learning. They use typical search criterion’s, Email addresses and domains, to try and spot the unwanted Emails and sort them out.


But my Spam Filter Doesn’t Work!

But Spam-Filter do have a great deficit; they simply overlook a lot of Spam-Mails, which then still find their way into the in-box. Even worse is the opposite case. This means, the Spam-Filter recognizes a “good” mail from Friends, family, colleagues or customers as spam and sorts it out.

To avoid this, Lookeen offers a comfortable and safe solution. Luckily Spam-Mails always distinguish themselves by the same keywords. Here the search history of Lookeen proves to be a very useful feature. Simply look for the corresponding keywords and ban the unwanted Emails via drag&drop into the recycle bin.

To keep the Emails of the future clean, simply call up the past queries from the history. Instantly you have a tidy in-box that is free of Spam.

That way you are safe from unwanted Spam – and luckily from canned meat too.

Date: 07. Aug 2010
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Lookeen Microsoft Outlook Security Suggestion

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