Create Rules to File your Emails Automatically in Outlook

Between business, family, and the precious little free time you have for yourself, it can sometimes be hard to keep perspective. Or are you rather that kind of person who always has their life in order, neat, organized and perfectly structured? If so, then why would you allow your Outlook mailbox to become a mess?

Either way, organizing your Outlook mailbox can improve your daily life. With the flood of incoming emails many of us are confronted with on a daily basis, it can be hard to stay on track of the important things. If your inbox is cluttered, there’s a good risk you’ll miss critical emails. However, it is actually quite simple to better organize your Outlook inbox. The solution is to arrange your emails into folders, which will keep them tidy and organized. The best part about it? Outlook gives you the option to automate this process in a few easy steps explained below.


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How to automatically move your emails to folders step-by-step

 Creating rules in Outlook simply means automated actions that take place when certain messages meet a set of criteria, which are predetermined by you, the user. Thus, Outlook users use rules to automate various processes like filtering, filing, and even sending emails. Setting up multiple Outlook rules will result in a more organized inbox and helps you to keep track of all your emails.

Step 1: Go to your inbox and open an email from the sender you want to automatically send emails to a folder.

Step 2: Select the dropdown window at “Rules”, and there select “Create Rule”.

Step 3: Another window will pop up. Here, you can select conditions according to your needs. Choose who you wish to automatically file emails from, as well as any special conditions like “Subject contains” or “Sent to.” Only the emails according to selected conditions will be forwarded.


Step 4: Select “Move the item to folder:”.

Step 5: Select the folder to which you wish to automatically send emails from the selected sender.

Step 6: Click “OK”.


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Are you often overwhelmed with your incoming flood of emails? Or would you consider yourself to be a “Master of Organization” when it comes to Outlook? Let us know in the comment section!


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