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Enterprise search in VDI with Citrix

With Citrix and Terminal Servers, applications are executed on the servers and only the application interface is displayed on the users’ end devices. Therefore, the end device does not need to provide processing power for the execution of the application. This allows devices with weak hardware, e.g. older devices or also PDAs, to access, with the help of Terminal Servers and Citrix, new applications that would otherwise require too many resources.

Very little data is transferred between the end device and the server. The user’s requests are transferred from the end device to the server and are then processed there. The results will be transferred back to the user’s screen and displayed. Since these functions of Windows servers offer few configuration possibilities and their handling is often complicated, the US company Citrix, specializes in these applications for terminal servers. By using the so-called „MetaFrame Presentation Server“, Citrix Systems help system administrators with the configuration of distributed systems within an enterprise environment.

“These days, companies have higher expectations on networks than ever before. The management is looking for ways to increase productivity and cost-efficiency…” (Statement of a Lookeen bulk customer and Citrix Gold Partner). Nowadays, most applications can normally be installed and used on Terminal Servers. However, it starts to become difficult when it comes to the configuration of the programs – especially in regards to the existing authorisation system.

Among other things, the following information is important:

  • Where will the index be saved?
  • Where will which settings be saved?
  • Which access authorisations are necessary, and for which files?

Lookeen remains transparent in all of these aspects. We do not want to be cagey about where you can find the index and in which format the settings have to be configured. We, the Lookeen Team, already provide 100% compatability for Terminal Servers and Citrix systems. For that, Lookeen simply has to be installed by the system administrators who are responsible for the Terminal Servers. After that, administrators can use the Lookeen group policies in order to configure restrictions for each user or for each group of users. The settings of the individual Lookeen installations can be personalized simply and easily with the help of an XML-file.

After that, the users simply log on to their work stations and will immediately be able to use Lookeen. Since the Lookeen licence model is based on the number of users, it does’t matter how many work stations each user logs on to. No further licences are required.


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