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Most people know Microsoft Outlook as the go-to email client that will organize all of your email communication into one location. Not only will it manage your email, but contacts, dates, appointments can be saved, managed and forwarded easily too. Since quite a lot of content quickly accumulates this way, it quite often becomes difficult to keep the track of all of this data. Finding particular messages or items can start to require a considerable amount of effort, but there is a little program that is supposed to help solve this problem.


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The Lookout Download for Outlook

The Lookout download is a free extension program for Outlook that is a very effective search program. It will enable Outlook searches for certain content almost instantly. By simply entering a certain keyword Lookout will find all kinds of important information in seconds. The Lookout download is even able to find items by document size or the date the message was sent. You can search not only emails, but you can also find notes, and the timeline can also be easily searched. Lookout is specifically designed for users that tend to collect large amounts of Outlook data, and need a functional and effective tool to plough their way through it all. The Lookout download is only 1MB in size, but it can only be installed on systems running Windows XP and Office 2003. If you are using Windows Vista and Office 2007 and higher, the Lookout download is no longer compatible.


What Happened to Lookout?

Lookout may have been considered the best lightning fast search add-on for Outlook a few years ago, but that is no longer true. Lookout for Outlook has been shut down and it no longer offers any kind of support. The Lookout download was a great search tool, but since its downfall, users have been searching for an alternative search tool for Outlook and Lookeen is a great alternative. If you are looking to search your desktop or your Outlook PST file, then you might want to give Lookeen a try. It has all of the functionality of Lookout and offers so much more to improve your Outlook search needs. You can try Lookeen for free for 14 days, so why not just give it a shot?

Date: 18. Jul 2009
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Lookout Microsoft Outlook

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