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An Outlook archive is a database which has been created by the software Microsoft Outlook. Old emails are stored in such an archive to avoid the mailbox becoming too crowded and to make the searching for emails easier. You can have older emails automatically put into an Outlook archive. This saves space in the mailbox and at the same time accelerates the software itself, as Outlook becomes rapidly overloaded with a full mailbox.


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Two ways to access these archives

The first case is that Outlook automatically makes a link in the personal directory so that you have just to open the archive directory in the personal directory to access older emails. This is the standard with newer versions of Outlook.

With older versions of Outlook, in many cases, the Outlook archive must first be added manually to the personal directory. For this, first you must search for the archive. Most of the time, it’s in the application directory from the corresponding user. In the account settings of Outlook, the archive must be selected and then be added to the personal directory. If you want to back up your complete Outlook data automatically, you should use an Outlook backup tool like Lookeen Backup Manager.


Searching for Email

If you are searching for an old email which is no longer present in the mailbox for incoming emails, then you can open the Outlook archive and search it for the wanted email. It is also possible to install several Outlook archives for one mailbox. Many Outlook users do not only archive old emails but archive them also for given categories. Many users, for example, install one Outlook archive for private data and another one for business data. So, searching for emails takes less time because only the archive where the email should be found based on its category has to be searched through.

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