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Stored contacts on the internet and on the computer are useful everyday. For example, you might need the data of specific contacts to write emails to. Using Outlook you can browse the contact database and retrieve the relevant email address. An easy and fast search facility is especially vital and effective when you need to address an email to various people. You just browse the list of contacts, which is automatically saved, and choose the particular recipients with a simple click of the mouse.


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How is Outlook as a software program?

In this regard, Outlook is truly exemplary. With this feature it is possible to quickly find the matching addresses of individuals, moreover Outlook offers a variety of other good functions which simplify handling your own mails and saves time spent on email many times over. Keeping order in the Outlook contacts is to be recommended – duplicates and outdated data sets can seriously impair the utility.


How much data can Outlook handle?

The number of contacts that Outlook can add are only limited to the storage size of the computer it’s running on. The other features of Outlook are also important to note. The program will actively search for known “spam” and automatically add it to the Outlook spam folder. It will ask a sender before they send a message with a blank subject, if they would still like to send the message. Drag and drop emails, prieview and drag and drop attachments have all lead to Microsoft being crowned the king of business email. As more ways to communicate enter the market, it looks as if Microsoft has positioned themselves to remain an important player when it comes to email.

Date: 14. Feb 2009
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Email Microsoft Outlook What Is

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