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If you’ve ever looked for a free desktop search tool, you’ve probably heard of “Everything Search Engine”. It’s a free search software that claims to search ‘everything’ on your desktop. They have a loyal following with casual users and lovers of freeware, and understandably so, but it doesn’t truly search everything.


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Voidtools wanted to make a fast, lightweight alternative search tool for Windows searches that would, in short, search everything. They did very well – ‘Everything’ is light on resources, and can index 70,000 elements in 1 second (according to their FAQ page). Voidtools creates an index for searches and even offers real-time indexing. The major problem with Everything, however, is that it only indexes file and folder names. That might not seem like a big problem for the casual user, but it is. Unless you remember part of the name of the file or folder you’re searching, it has no way of finding your file.


A Comparison of Windows Search Alternatives

Free Windows Search
Alternative Comparison
Lookeen Free Everything Search
Real-time indexing
Search Files Filename Only
Search Folders Filename Only
Index searches
Boolean Operators
Wildcard Filters
Search Content
Search Preview Full Fidelity
Edit in preview
Cost Free Free


While both options are free, a proper Windows Search alternative is supposed to save you time. If a search tool returns better results, faster than Windows Search, that’s great. In order to be a real alternative though, it should go beyond return speed and allow users a way to manipulate the results once they’ve been found. That’s where Everything falls short – there’s nothing you can do to work with your results once you’ve ‘searched everything’ – and where Lookeen Free becomes the better alternative.

The other problem with Everything is that users aren’t able to upgrade to get better functionality. So if you find that search with Everything constantly falls short of your particular needs, you should know that Lookeen offers several editions that can be utilized for different environments. Whether it’s Outlook email search, VDI environments or Enterprise server environments, Lookeen has a solution.  Sometimes the saying “You get what you pay for”, can be true, especially when it comes to technology. Search technology isn’t any different. If you indeed need a desktop tool that will allow you to literally search for everything then give Lookeen a shot.

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Date: 29. Apr 2015
Author: Eric Ebert
Tags: Comparison Desktop Search Lookeen

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