Search in the Healthcare Industry

Search in the Healthcare Industry

Many years ago, you could fix a car with a screwdriver and a hammer. The motors were simple and straight forward. People took that same approach to healthcare. If you were sick, take a pill and call back in a week. Today it is much more complicated than that. The reason is data. As science advanced and testing got better, the amount of data increased exponentially. What used to be a quick check to see if you might have a concussion has now turned into a search for answers through a round of tests. This is to help hospitals with patient care and to stop care workers from being sued. Misdiagnoses can cost a hospital a lot and can cost the patient even more.


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Data loss and infrastructure

In order for the healthcare industry to save money and help save lives, they need a search solution that can utilize real-time indexing. If a doctor is looking for patient history and can’t find all of the relevant data, then the patients suffer. If a desktop search solution is to be effective in this case, it needs to be up-to-date with all of the relevant information and be able to search multiple sources of data. Of course desktop search or even enterprise search solutions are not equal. The healthcare industry needs to find a solution that fits their needs. This could include just a desktop search solution or a search solution that can be expanded across the entire enterprise. Desktop search with a search capability in a VDI structure may be important, but as everything health related, companies must be aware of the data security element of such solutions.


Why we can’t live without it

If an emergency room is able to use their own search solution to access patient data, this can quickly help doctors and nurses with patient care. Many people use the emergency room in emergencies. If all the patient data was available with a quick search, drug allergies and general health history would be made immediately available. As an added bonus, this type of desktop search solution could also help cut down on cost, by not having to repeat expensive testing. If a patient had an MRI done within a week of the emergency room trip, it would probably be unnecessary to do another. If all of this information is available in a desktop search solution, patient care would greatly increase and costs would definitely sink. It sounds like a win-win to me.

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