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No matter if you are looking for something special on the Internet, or on your own computer, a search is unavoidable in many cases. You will at least once per day use a computer search tool of some kind.  Windows has a special tool, which is also called a computer search tool. The type of search function depends a lot on the different versions of Windows. All versions that are older than Windows Vista offer the same search tool for a search. This tool is located in the start menu under the heading search. In this area it is possible, to search for specific files, and by using a filter you can restrict the type of file you want to search for. This search function has been changed drastically since the introduction of Windows Vista and is standard in the current version of Windows 7.


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Dynamic Search for Windows

The newer versions of Windows come with what can be called a dynamic search. That means that the files are already being searched and filtered while you enter the search topic. This makes the search not only a lot faster but also a lot more comfortable. Different from the earlier versions of Windows this search tool is also easy to find. You can use the tool either from the start menu or also through Windows Explorer. The advantage of the Windows Explorer is that you can restrict the search to a specific folder, which reduces the time for the search tremendously. Other programs also have their own search functions. Programs like for example Office or Internet Explorer can search for specific words in a text. This search tool is normally activated by the simultaneously hitting the keys STRG + F. This opens a window, where the word to be searched for can be entered. After acknowledgement, the encountered words are highlighted in the text.


Alternative Computer Search Tool

If you find that the default Windows computer search tool isn’t meeting your standards, then you can download an alternative computer search tool. There are a couple of choices out there, and the beauty of most is that they give you more options to help narrow down your search results. Lookeen is an alternative computer search tool that will greatly improve all of your desktop searches and will also integrate nicely right into Outlook to better your Outlook search results. Sometimes Windows Search will just fall a bit behind an alternative because the alternatives are able to focus all of their attention on improving search in Windows, while Windows Search isn’t the first thing Microsoft focuses on.

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Date: 23. Oct 2008
Author: Peter Oehler
Tags: Microsoft Outlook Search Benefits What Is

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