Use Outlook Task- and To-do Lists to Prevent a Clogged Inbox

Do you have to manage a lot of tasks and deadlines at work? Fortunately, Outlook makes creating tasks and to-do lists simple, preventing a clogged Inbox and improving overall time management. Having your tasks organized is not only essential for your daily work accomplishment, but moreover for keeping an overview of the workload ahead of you. This will prevent you from accepting too many tasks and enables you to plan efficiently.


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Create Tasks via Drag & Drop 

Sometimes you do not have the time to complete a task immediately. To avoid a clogged inbox and ensure you don’t miss any deadlines, simply drag the email with the associated task and drop it into Outlook’s task list icon.

Step 1: Drag the email.

Step 2: Drop it in the task list icon.

Step 3: Add the due date and time to get a reminder for the tasks.

Note: Simply hover your cursor over the task list icon in the upper ribbon to see your task list.

Create Classic Tasks in Outlook

Learn how to create tasks from scratch using Outlook’s task manager.

Step 1: Open Outlook, select “Home” and then “New item” in the upper ribbon.

Note: Alternatively use Ctrl+Shift+K)


Step 2: Select a task and name it. You may then add the start and due date as well as set a priority and reminder.

Step 3: Click on “Task” and then “Save” and “Close”.


When viewing your task list, you have several options for focusing on emails as desired: 

  • Detailed – shows due date, change in due date, and date completed
  • Simple List – displays tasks, including completed items 
  • Priority – indicates the priority of the tasks
  • Active – shows active, incomplete items
  • Complete – display only completed items
  • Today – shows items due today
  • Next 7 Days – items that are due in the next seven days
  • Overdue – only displays overdue items
  • Assigned – displays tasks assigned to others



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Create a Task with the To-do Function

Another way of creating tasks is with the use of to-do lists in Outlook. The To-do section displays flagged items from your emails.

Step 1: Find the to-do bar in Outlook.

Step 2: Click on the “Type a new task” box.

Step 3: Enter task description and additional information as wished with double click on the new task. 

Step 4: Press “Enter”.


What are your top tips to stay organized in Outlook and what is your opinion about tasks and to-do lists? Let’s discuss in the comment section!

See you soon!

Aline & the Lookeen team

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