What is a Computer Search Engine

You have most likely used a PC search engine more than once in your life, especially at work. When you need to find a file or document on your PC, then you turn to your computer search engine for help. The minute you begin to type into that search bar, you’re using the PC’s search engine. You might have wondered what exactly it is, and how it shows you what you’re looking for.


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What is a Computer Search Engine?

A computer or PC search engine is simply an information retrieval program on your computer, designed to help find information. It will search through your folders and files for specific keywords—the words you typed into the search bar and then return a list of results that were found to contain the keywords.  A computer search engine is different from a web search engine in that it searches only local files. It can also be called an ‘offline search engine’.


How Does a PC Search Engine work?

For a computer search engine to work, it needs to build an index of all of the data saved on your PC. The index is how it can quickly find what you need, just like looking things up in the back of a book. Your computer or desktop search will create an index through the specific settings chosen for it, and will then use that index to retrieve the information. Indexing happens in the background, and it is what makes the search engine function. Essentially it is the brains and brawn behind your desktop search results.


The Lookeen Search Engine

Through the years, you’ll have noticed that your PC search engine works faster and better than in older Windows versions. That is to be expected with the advancement of technology. Yet many will say that when it comes to using the full potential of a computer search engine, the default Windows version continues to fall short compared to alternative third party search tools. The main reason being that when developing new Windows versions, Microsoft can’t focus solely on its search tool.

Lookeen will give you better functionality and results because the main focus IS desktop and Outlook search. Lookeen’s sole aim is improving your experience with a PC search engine. It is easy to install, and easy to use. It comes with a lot more functions and setting possibilities than your default search tool. It will refine your searches to bring you better results, and it will do it in a faster manner.

Computer search engines are an important and incredibly beneficial function on your computer; make sure to choose the tool that will give you the best results.

Date: 08. Mar 2016
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Desktop Search Indexing Lookeen Search Benefits

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