Why You Should Use A File Search Engine

Search engines have made everyone’s lives just a little bit easier. You can search for absolutely anything. You are probably a pro when it comes to Google, but you should also be a pro when using a file search engine for your own documents. The benefit of using a desktop search tool is really limitless when it comes to boosting productivity and getting you through the workday. This isn’t about how to search for your files, or even how to make your desktop search better, but simply stating what using a file search engine can do for you.


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Save Countless Hours With a File Search Engine

You probably spend most of your time at work staring at a computer screen searching for that file, or this file; it seems to be a universal truth that when it comes to work, you’re never able to find what you need quickly. The thing is, after daily use, your computer is probably hoarding an excessive number of files and documents, and there’s no way you can remember the location of every single one. Especially considering that you receive emails that will contain new files and documents to add to the mounting pile every day. This is when a file search engine steps in. It does all of the hard work of finding files for you.

As opposed to a web search engine that looks for public content online, a file search engine will create and index all of the files saved on your computer. Meaning that, instead of remembering locations for important documents, you can simply use a search bar to type in what you need, and then simply select it from the search engine results. This saves you a ton of time and energy. You can find what you need in seconds, instead of having to sift through all of the files kept on your PC.


Alternative File Search Engines

Windows comes with a default search engine. It is simple enough to use, but doesn’t always pack the punch that someone in business needs. You can of course optimize your index for the Windows file search engine, but Windows search may still fall a little short. That shouldn’t be a concern – there are many desktop search alternatives out there to better suit your needs. Lookeen, for example, is not only a wonderful desktop search tool, it also integrates directly into your Outlook, making your Outlook search show much better results as well.

Lookeen is a very powerful file search engine, and you are able to give it a try for free with the 14 day trial version. Lookeen allows you to seriously refine your search results. With this Windows file search engine alternative you have access to:

  • Index scheduling
  • Filter categories
  • Integrated Outlook Search

With the different alternatives out there to Windows desktop search, it can be an intimidating task to figure out which is best, but Lookeen is a great one to check out. With free support and a free trial available, there’s nothing to lose with this file search engine.

Whether you use the default Windows search, or download a third party search engine, the benefit is clear. Save time and have the search tools find what you need in seconds, instead of wasting all morning looking for that report from last year that your boss needs by lunchtime. Move forward with your day, and find those reports quickly and efficiently.

Date: 29. Feb 2016
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Desktop Search Lookeen Search Benefits

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