What is a Computer Search Program?

Having a computer should make your business life, and life in general much easier. You won’t have to sift through cabinets and piles of paper manually. Or so you thought. Suddenly the report you typed up a week ago, is nowhere to be found. As you go through all of your files and folders, absolutely sure you placed the report in one of your regular folders, as time ticks by, you begin to lose hope.  This is when a computer search program will be quite useful to you. No more headaches from lost reports, bills or emails – you can sit back and watch the computer search program do all of the work instantly for you.


Want to know how a computer search solution can save your company money?

How do Computer Search Tools work?

If you ever wondered how all of the computer search software works, here’s a small run down of what happens on your computer. First if you are using a PC and running Windows on it, then the computer search tool is Windows search. This search tool will always work by default on your computer. It comes standard on all PCs, so there is nothing extra that needs to be installed. Windows search will use indexing to rapidly search through all of your most commonly used files and folders.

This is something all computer search programs do. Windows search will, however, only index a part of your hard drive. You can play around with the settings of your computer search tool so that a lot more of your PC’s hard drive is indexed.


What is indexing?

Indexing is just a way that the computer search program is able to speed up searches. It will examine all of the files on the disk, this is a time consuming task for a computer. Not to worry though, because it can be programmed to start indexing when nothing is happening and it is not being used. When you begin to use your PC, the indexing will either slow down or stop altogether. This is how the PC will be able to better search and find the exact files you are looking for. All modern computers come equipped with a search tool, it will be up to you if you want something better, which will bring about better search results. Now you have a better understanding of it, you can make a better choice about computer search software.


Why is Indexing Important in a Computer Search Program?

You know what indexing is, but why is it important to a computer search program? Without indexing, your computer search program wouldn’t work as efficiently as it does, actually, it wouldn’t really work at all. Some search programs don’t use indexing, but these are very slow and inefficient. An index allows the search tool to bring up the results quickly by looking up the documents related to the keywords; in short it allows the search program to do what you need it to do. The beauty of indexing is that even with your default search program, you are able to customize some of the settings so that things you don’t need indexed aren’t, and things you need indexed, are. Windows Search allows for some indexing customization, but for more options and indexing settings to play around with, we’d highly recommend a third party search tool. Specialist search software tend to have better indexing settings and options to get you better search results in the end.

Date: 04. Sep 2015
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Desktop Search Organizing What Is Windows Search

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