Windows 8 and the Outlook Search Problem

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It seems that the folks over at Microsoft forgot about one of their products when they built Windows 8. They forgot to include a search function for Outlook. If you’ve used the native Windows search to find your emails, you’ll now have to find a work-around. We’re not sure exactly why Microsoft would forget this handy little feature in their newest Windows OS, but it is a huge win for us at Lookeen. There isn’t even a way to get Windows 8 to do Outlook search through their settings. This was an element that was specifically left out by Microsoft. Let Lookeen step in as your Windows 8 Outlook Search tool.


Learn about Lookeen's improved Windows 8 search solution here.

What are the Outlook email search alternatives?

If you’re looking for a desktop search that will also search your Outlook index, look no further than Lookeen. While it will not be found on the Windows 8 “Start” page, it has a search bar that fits neatly into your System tray. We were a little puzzled why they would disable this feature, the only possibility that I can come up with is that they want a universal system for all of their devices. It may be an easier solution for Microsoft, but I personally don’t believe that the majority of users want a system on their PC or Laptop that is built for a mobile device. Why? Because you end getting a simple UI, in lieu of great functions, such as the Outlook search function.


What happens to the Outlook data?

Lookeen has found a way to integrate not only your Outlook data into the index, but you can also use Lookeen as a desktop search tool. As the user, you get to choose what is indexed. Whether it’s only your Outlook data, your network data, desktop or exchange data. Lookeen has you covered. Lookeen will match any keyword searches to the corresponding data regardless of where it’s located. If you’ve chosen to index that data, Lookeen will find it. So, from now on you will only need one tool to search all for all of your important information. We think it’s a better alternative to the Windows 8 native search tool.

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