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Is your Windows Search not working? Has this been occurring more and more often to you? It’s a common issue for many, and it’s one that can turn your day into a ball of frustration. Not to worry, no matter which version of Windows you use, Windows Search not working is not the end of the world, just a slight hiccup in your day. You can follow some easy steps to get Windows Search up and running again.


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Let’s start with the oldest versions of Windows first, and move up towards windows 10.

Windows XP Search Not Working

While this may not be the most viewed portion of this guide, there still may be some of you out there curious about how to fix the desktop search problems on Windows XP. With such an old version of Windows, you will have to take into account that there may not be support available for it, and that the problems may stem from something else entirely. It is key to know that before moving ahead. Windows XP search not working can start with the search tool just not finding relevant files or just finding nothing at all. This usually comes from a problem with the indexing. You can go into the indexing settings and change some things around. There is a more detailed article on Windows Search not working here:

Fixing Windows XP Search Problems

Windows Vista Search Not Working

This may be a slightly more modern Version of Windows, but you should still consider updating to a more recent version. Anyway, if that is not a possibility right now then let’s see what problems you are running into with search not working. The common underlying problem with any search not working properly will usually lead you to indexing issues. These on Windows Vista can be solved with an index rebuild. Find out more here:

Windows Vista Search Problems

Windows 7 Search Not Working

The built in search tool for Windows 7 is not the best one. Though it has some troubleshooting capabilities, and a more user-friendly layout to help you reach the root of the problem. You will have to check and see if the indexing is running properly. Once you fix this issue, you can also set up the desktop search in Windows 7 to search through the content of your files, which could be a helpful change. To learn about how to fix the desktop search problems in Windows 7 go here:

Windows 7 Desktop Search Problems

Windows 8 Search Not Working

By now you are familiar with the ins and outs of Desktop Search. You know you will eventually find some issues, and you know there are ways out of it. With Windows 8 search you may find yourself running into one of three problems, Search won’t start up, search starts but doesn’t work, or search starts but shows zero results. Don’t fret; you know that there are many things that can be done to save you from this headache. You can fix and repair the search tool, or even rebuilt the index. Find out all the information you need here:

Windows 8 Search Problems

Windows 10 Search Not Working

You have probably used every version of Windows till you finally reached Windows 10. Windows 10 search problems are similar to the rest of the versions, but it comes with a bit more of an obstacle because Cortana is integrated into Windows 10. Cortana is just a “virtual assistant”, but it may not be something for you. With the added obstacle to your search problems, you can change the search engine in Cortana, or simply look into any Indexing problems that may be occurring within Windows 10. Learn more about Windows 10 Search Problems here:

Windows 10 Search Problems

Download New Search Engine for Cortana

No matter what version of Windows you are running, the links provided will get you through, and Have the desktop search up and running once again in no time.

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