How to hide the Windows 10 search field from the taskbar

Windows 10 came with several built-in features, including the well-known Windows Search Box. Windows search has a stronger connection to the internet, primarily since the operating system is configured to save the user time. The main motto is: the fewer clicks the better.

Thus, the search field in Windows 10 was placed prominently in the taskbar. The problem for many users however, is that the search bar takes quite a lot of space, especially when several programs are running at the same time. But don’t worry! The good news is that it’s quite easy to reduce the size or completely hide the search bar without restricting the search function!


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The search field, which is, so to speak, the right arm of Windows Search Cortana, is usually located to the right of the Windows start menu. If you haven’t deactivated Cortana and the web search is still activated, the search field can provide you with the answer to almost every question in life. However, if you do not use the search field or if you only use it irregularly, it takes up unnecessary space since you can search just as easily via the start menu.

Ultimately, it makes no difference whether you have to click the search field on the taskbar with the mouse or click on the start menu and enter a search query directly. So why not hide the search field from the taskbar or at least reduce it to a magnifying glass to save space?

Reduce the search field or hide it from the taskbar – Step by Step

Step 1: First, you should right-click anywhere on the taskbar. A context menu will open.


Step 2: Navigate with the mouse to the point Search“.

Step 3: Here you can choose between “Show search icon” – so that the magnifying glass symbol is displayed instead of the search field -, “Hidden” – to hide the search field completely – and “Show search box” – for the standard search field display.

If you want to adapt the settings of your Windows search to your needs, even more, this can be done very easily via the start menu. With a right-click on the Windows symbol under “Search” and with a click on the gear in the left bar, you can access all relevant settings. You are welcome to ask any questions in the comment section!


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