How to reset your password in Outlook

In the jungle of passwords, it is not uncommon for people to forget a password every now and again. Especially if you are travelling and have to use different mobile devices, troubles logging into your Microsoft account aren’t uncommon. However, when you are travelling for work, access to your Outlook is often essential. To save you from further trouble you can learn everything you need to know about how to reset and create a new password for Outlook in this article.


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Why your Outlook password doesn’t work

Forgetting a password from time to time is completely normal and happens even to the best of us! However, there are a few other reasons why you may be having trouble signing into your Microsoft account.

First of all, the simplest reasons you may have trouble signing in could be that your email address is spelt incorrectly, or caps lock is accidentally turned on when entering your password. Always make sure that these are not the case before you waste valuable time resetting your password.

Another tip would be to clear your browser history or try signing in from a new account. Password troubles often occur when a new device is used, for example when travelling.


How to Reset your password, step-by-step

If you’ve simply forgotten your password or the tips above didn’t help you, there is always the option to reset your password. Learn  step-by-step how to reset your password here.

Step 1: Open the Reset your password page

Step 3: Enter the email address you use with your Microsoft account, or you can type in your or Skype ID as well.


Step 4: To verify that you are not a robot, you have to enter the character you see on the screen. Click Next after doing so.


Step 5: If you have security info on your account, you’ll get a one-time code to the alternate or email address you chose. After entering that code on the next screen, you’ll be able to make a new password. Make sure to use at least eight characters, use lowercase and uppercase letters as well as special characters to ensure password safety.


Note: If you’ve taken the extra security step of turning on two-step verification, some apps and devices will tell you your password is incorrect, because they haven’t been updated to prompt you for a security code. Instead of your regular password, you’ll need to use an app password to get in.


What to do if you didn’t get a security code

If you did everything correctly but still did not get a security code to verify your account, you can click I didn’t get a code and follow the instructions. You’ll may be asked for information regarding subjects lines of recent emails for example and to fill out a security questionnaire. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know every answer, Microsoft just wants to make sure that’s you with asking for personal information.

With these steps you can now log back into Outlook without any problems. I hope this has helped you reset your password in Outlook, so you know exactly what to do if it happens again. I’m happy to answer your further questions and comments in the comments section below.


See you soon!

Aline & the Lookeen team

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