Outlook Email Management 101

Do you spend a lot of time managing email?

Admit it, things can become pretty chaotic at work with all the emails constantly streaming into your Outlook inbox. It can take a serious chunk of your time just sifting through, searching, filing, replying to, and generally ‘doing’ email throughout the day.


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Are you overwhelmed the minute you open Outlook?

If your answer is yes, then you’re not alone. The average office worker in 2015 received about 122 emails on a daily basis, and that figure only seems to grow. Even if you only spend a minute dealing with each email, it still adds up to two hours a day. That’s 25% of your work day, every day!

The problem with email is that if you’re away from your computer for a bit, the messages begin to pile up, and managing Outlook email becomes more and more difficult. When your inbox is full, it’s hard to stay organized or focused on the messages that count, and the more emails flow in, the harder it is to deal with it. You probably have trouble finding the important emails that you really need to respond to, and Outlook search will have a hard time pinpointing the exact email and or document you need.


Manage Outlook Email, Lose the Stress

You’ve probably heard this before, but you may need a third party program or add-in to help you search and manage Outlook email. While Outlook is a popular and wonderful email client, it can fall short when it comes to helping manage email and searching for what’s already in your inbox.

You might have hesitated in the past with getting something to help you manage email—you don’t want to deal with something complicated that will take up more of your time to set up and learn to use. Plus Outlook is supposed to do that already, right?

The answer is to use an add-in designed to work exactly as you do in Outlook. Once you find a system of email filing and management that works for you, then your search results will benefit just as much as you do.

Here’s how you can get started:

  • Only use your inbox for the messages that need to be dealt with right away, redirect the rest to folders.
  • When you are done with an email, file it into one of the folders.
  • If something just needs a quick reply, then reply to it and if it’s not important, delete it.
  • Create Appointments or Tasks to remind you what needs to be done, instead of using your Inbox as a to-do list.
  • Get rid of messages cluttering up your inbox, so searching for emails becomes easy.
  • If you see a message that contains a long thread of back and forth replies, now is a good a time as any to simply pick up the phone and get to a resolution. That email is clutter.
  • Use a fast search tool to cut down on the time you spend looking for email messages. Lookeen will automatically search through all of your folders for you, so you can just simply type in what you need into the search and Lookeen will quickly find it. It has multiple search features to help pinpoint the exact email you need.


Lookeen Helps You Manage Outlook Email

It may not seem like it, but you spend a good portion of your time trying to manage email by searching for different messages, tasks, documents, and plenty of other items. Lookeen integrates directly into Outlook, so you wont have to open up another program. It is integrated as a search bar, and it isn’t limited by a specific number of files; it will search through everything, including attachments, appointments, calendar entries and so many other items. Lookeen works the way you do, so you can take control of your inbox without having to make drastic changes to your style of work.


Lookeen Will Save You Time and Boost Your Productivity

Lookeen’s extensive indexing options and features are what make it return your search results in seconds. It also contains advanced filter functions for the searches, which will help manage email, and lessen the burden of finding exactly what you need in your inbox. You can also forward or reply to emails directly from Lookeen, so that you don’t have to switch back and forth between programs.

No more hesitation needed. Lookeen is easy to use, and we offer free support if you do need help. Download the free trial of Lookeen now for 14 days, and get the program that is going to save you from your inbox.

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