The Top 20 Outlook Shortcuts

There are plenty of ways that Outlook helps with daily productivity, but there are so many Outlook shortcuts that will boost your productivity even further.


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Here are the Top 20 Outlook shortcuts that could be most helpful to you:

Basic Navigation

These will help you move around seamlessly through different areas of Outlook.


To Do This Press This
Switch to Mail CTRL + 1
Switch to Contacts CTRL + 3
Switch to Calendar CTRL + 2
Switch to Tasks CTRL + 4



These will help speed along your Outlook Search.

To Do This Press This
Find a Message or Other Item CTRL + E
Clear the Search Results ESC
Expand Search to include the Desktop CTRL + ALT + K
Switch to Tasks CTRL + Shift + F


Create an Item

These will help create different content within Outlook.

To Do This Press This
Create an Appointment CTRL + Shift + A
Create a Contact CTRL + Shift + C
Create a Folder CTRL + Shift + E
Create a Message CTRL + Shift + M



These will help you with the creation and general organization of Email.

To Do This Press This
Switch to Inbox CTRL + Shift + I
Switch to Outbox CTRL + Shift + O
Send ALT + S
Reply to Message CTRL + R



These will help you move around and search through your Contacts.

To Do This Press This
Find a Contact or Other Item F3 or CTRL + E
Create a New Contact (when in Contacts) CTRL + N
Create a New Contact (from any Outlook view) CTRL + Shift + C
Open the Address Book CTRL + Shift + B


Why should I use Outlook shortcuts?

Outlook shortcuts will make every task in Outlook a little easier and faster, and your days just a little more productive. Getting tasks done at a faster pace leaves you more time to do the things you’d like to.

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