Xobni or Lookeen? Why Xobni users made the switch

Xobni was an Outlook add in designed to improve contact management (Outlook’s own contact management features are a little clunky). This add-in also had features like email analytics, and fast search – which is where we come in. For all the usefulness that Xobni tried to instill in its product, when Yahoo bought it, the corporation very quickly shut it down. It spent only a year under Yahoo’s wing before the program was scrapped for ‘underperformance’. The project was shut down even after a previous announcement from Yahoo stating: “not to worry – we aren’t pulling the rug out from under you. If you’re using a Xobni product today, you can keep using it.”


Looking for the perfect Xobni alternative? Lookeen is the search tool for you.

Many users were disappointed by this outcome, and had come to rely on Xobni Pro’s superior search capabilities. The infinity version released to sate user demand was also only available for a short time, and wasn’t compatible with any Outlook version past 2010. If you were a user of Xobni, not to worry, there are plenty of Xobni alternatives that will greatly improve your search experience on Outlook.


Lookeen, The Alternative to Xobni

Lookeen can readily say that it offers one of the best Outlook search solutions out there. Lookeen will not only improve your searches in Outlook; it will also improve your Windows desktop searches as well. It will quickly become your go to search tool.

Lookeen packs a serious punch, and it has plenty of features that overshadow Xobni completely. Some of Lookeen’s most important features are:

  • Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server search
  • Enterprise server search capabilities
  • No index or data limit
  • Clear presentation of search results
  • Advanced search query and filter functions
  • Lifetime single-user license
  • Free email support

In these ways and many more, Lookeen is the perfect alternative to Xobni.


Lookeen Focuses on Outlook

Lookeen may also be a great desktop search tool, but its main focus is on Outlook. It remains its specialization, making it better for our customers. Lookeen will help you in many ways, not least of all the fact that it’s fast indexing and search will save you a lot of time, helping you boost your daily productivity.

Its integration directly into Outlook, with a very clean and easy to use interface, makes it more user-friendly than Xobni was. Lookeen also comes in three different versions: Standard, Business and Enterprise molding to each customer’s specific requirements. You can give it a 14-day free trial to really see how it can improve your Outlook experience.

Date: 18. Feb 2016
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Comparison

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