How To Sort by Unread Emails in Outlook 2013

When you open your Outlook inbox you will realize that your emails are nearly always sorted by the date they were received – this is the default setting in Outlook. It is useful of course, but now you have an email you have been meaning to read for a day or two, and because you haven’t had the chance to get to it, it has now rolled to the bottom of your Outlook inbox—mixed in with all the read and unread messages of the past few days.



Sorting through unread emails can be a pain. Here's another option!

A quick way to gather up the emails you have been meaning to get to, is to sort by unread messages. This is a simple tool to group together all the things you finally need to read.  Outlook 2013 has made this a bit easier for you to manage and I will step you through it now.


Quickly Sort by Unread

One way to sort by unread emails in Outlook is by clicking the folder you would like to sort from your inbox, then opening the search tools tab. To activate the search tools tab, just click inside the search bar above your mailbox. From here, click the button that says Unread in the Search tab. This is the longer way to achieve this.

Luckily because you are using Outlook 2013, there is a much quicker and easier way to sort by unread. When you click on your inbox, or whichever folder you are trying to sort by unread, you will notice that at the top of the mail list it will say All and next to it, it should say Unread. Click on Unread and watch your inbox instantly flow into a group of all the unread emails you need to catch up on.

Now you can read them and knock them out one by one. Sorting by unread can be a time saver, and I recommend you use it if you have the tendency to put emails aside to read at a later moment. Outlook has made it an easier process, so take advantage of the sorting tool.

Date: 24. Jul 2015
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Email Microsoft Outlook Organizing Outlook 2013

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