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Outlook 2013 and the New Public Folders

28. February 2013 13:08 | Eric Ebert
If you’ve tried out the new Outlook 2013 in conjunction with Exchange 2013 Preview, you’ve probably noticed the changes with Public Folders. While Microsoft has been trying to move away from Public Folders basically since read more...

Changing Public Folders in Office 2013

22. February 2013 14:12 | Eric Ebert
Since the publication of the Office and therefore Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft has discussed whether it would allow the Public Folder to entirely disappear from the scene. Now it’s clear that the Public Folder read more...

Important information about Exchange Servers

10. November 2010 21:23 | Axonic
An Exchange Server is a mailing or groupware system. The Exchange Server is a product from the Microsoft Company. Most of the cases, this type of servers is used by companies using mainly Microsoft read more...

Exchange Cached

23. October 2008 15:47 | Axonic
Since the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 version Microsoft offers the cached mode feature. The advantage of the cached mode compared to the uncached mode is that in the case of the cached mode you read more...

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