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Tips to narrow your search criteria using the most important Outlook search commands

26. April 2021 16:31 | Aline Gengenbach

Read about tips to narrow your Outlook search using the most important search commands to save valuable time and nerves! You will be able to find emails in seconds read more...

The Team Behind Lookeen Has a Task Management App that’s Perfect for Your To-Dos

30. January 2020 10:45 | Dinnie Muslihat

The folks behind Lookeen, Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH, have developed a product that aims to fill the void for when popular task management tool, Wunderlist officially shuts down. Zenkit is a task management app that wants read more...

What New Features to Expect in Outlook 2019

3. April 2018 15:25 | Dinnie Muslihat

Due for release in September this year, the latest version of Outlook promises to simplify email management, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity. It will do this with features that tackle content management, notifications, and reminders. read more...

Productivity Experts Nail Down the Top 8 Office Distractions that Ruin your Workday

29. July 2016 13:54 | Siobhan O'Rorke

Are you distracted and unproductive? Here's a breakdown of the top 8 office distractions, from uncomfortable office chairs to chatty co-workers, and what you can do about them. read more...

Desktop Search: The Freelancer’s Personal Assistant

1. March 2016 15:51 | Joana Simoes

Any freelancer knows how difficult it can be to find the file you need when you need it. Desktop search is the answer to that problem. Learn how desktop search can benefit busy freelancers. read more...

Why You Should Use A File Search Engine

29. February 2016 17:07 | Joana Simoes

Using a file search engine on your computer will help you find what you need, and quickly. You won’t have to spend time looking for old reports anymore – now you’ll have time to read more...

Five Ways to Make Your Desktop Search Engine Better

19. February 2016 14:23 | Joana Simoes

Desktop search engines are what you use on your computer to search and find the files and folders you need. They work in similar ways to online search engines, but they are right at read more...

10 Productivity Boosting Email Tips From The Experts

9. December 2015 12:25 | Siobhan O'Rorke

The problem with email is not only that there's so much of it, but also that most people use it inappropriately. Here are 10 tips from productivity and communication experts to help you finally read more...

Become An Email Expert With These 151 Tricks

3. November 2015 15:46 | Cory Schmidt

The ultimate collection of email tips and resources to help you beat email overload. From email etiquette to scheduling apps, we've got you covered. Download your free 151 email tricks eBook today! read more...

[Infographic] 7 Reasons Email Isn’t Dead Yet

21. October 2015 16:10 | Siobhan O'Rorke

Think email is dead? It's time to think again. Despite being 'on the out' for several years, email is still the most used business communication software, as well as one of the most successful read more...


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