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Tips to use the most important Outlook search commands

26. April 2021 16:31 | Aline Gengenbach

Read about tips to narrow your Outlook search using the most important search commands to save valuable time and nerves! You will be able to find emails in seconds read more...

Lookeen 12 is Now Available!

16. September 2019 9:49 | Dinnie Muslihat

After almost five years of hard work, we are proud to announce the official release of the 12th version of Lookeen. Current and future users will be happy to know that since the release read more...

What is Full Text Search?

13. July 2016 12:22 | Joana Simoes

Full text search is an extremely useful component of most modern search tools. It can find a string of words in a large email or document, or find a string of words in multiple read more...

What is a Computer Search Engine

8. March 2016 16:18 | Joana Simoes

A PC Search engine is what your computer uses to find the keywords you type into the search bar. Learn more about how computer search engines work, and what the best ones can do. read more...

Can Lookout search Outlook 2010?

4. March 2016 14:32 | Eric Ebert

Are you still using Lookout for Outlook searches? While it is possible to use it in Outlook 2010, it can be difficult to get it to work. Learn how and why you should use read more...

What is Indexing?

3. March 2016 16:11 | Siobhan O'Rorke

An index is what your search tool uses to be able to find anything in seconds. Learn how indexing works, what indexing system Lookeen uses, and how using a good indexing and search tool read more...

A Better Outlook Search Tool

2. March 2016 15:35 | Joana Simoes

The Outlook search tool is an important function, but did you know that there are better, faster, more feature-rich alternatives? Here’s how Lookeen can improve your search results, and your productivity. read more...

Outlook Email Management 101

26. February 2016 16:27 | Joana Simoes

Managing Outlook email may seem like a daunting task to take on, but all it takes is a bit of attention and a wonderful search tool. Lookeen will improve your Outlook search, saving you read more...

Xobni or Lookeen? Why Xobni users made the switch

18. February 2016 17:47 | Joana Simoes

Lookeen may very well be the perfect alternative to Xobni. Both are add-ins for Outlook, but what Xobni tried to do for search, Lookeen just does better. It has more advanced features, and a read more...

Lookeen Receives Citrix Ready Verification for Search in Citrix Virtual Environments

28. September 2015 13:51 | Siobhan O'Rorke

Lookeen Desktop Search was verified as Citrix Ready following comprehensive testing. Learn more about what this means for Lookeen and Citrix users alike. read more...


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