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Real-Time Indexing and Lookeen 8

15. May 2012 19:05 | Eric Ebert

For anyone that has ever used Dropbox, you know what real-time indexing is. It means that anytime you’re working on a document from your Dropbox file, you’re working on the latest version. If you read more...

Lookeen 8 is Finally Here!

27. April 2012 11:10 | Eric Ebert

A year ago, as we presented Lookeen 3.7, real-time indexing was only a feature in the beta version. Lookeen 8 now has all the latest technological advances in one convenient package!   read more...

Lookeen Version 3.7 with Beta Real-Time Indexing Available Now for Free Download

16. February 2011 18:47 | Peter Oehler

Early in 2008, Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH released the Outlook add-on Lookeen. This tool has made searching in Outlook easy for thousands of users in over 70 countries worldwide. Lookeen searches through local mailboxes, exchange read more...

Data Security Wanted

6. December 2010 16:35 | Markus Henkel

The current, very heated, debate to enforce a better protection for personal data, reaches a new dimension in view of the desktop search. Because it is the desktop search that is actually saving personal read more...

Lookeen Use Case: How to work with Microsoft Exchange Servers

7. August 2010 16:34 | Peter Oehler

The Microsoft Exchange Server offers a wide spectrum of functions which allow a various number of operators to use different systems to work in cooperation together. read more...

The new Lookeen 2010 is now Available!

29. January 2010 17:01 | Peter Oehler

Lookeen 2010 has been created and developed as a search tool of the next generation. What does this mean for you? Because of the new Lookeen 2010 features, you’ll be able to find information even read more...

Lookeen 2.3 is available – free update!

17. November 2009 10:50 | Peter Oehler

In the development, our attention was this time focused, to meet customer requirements and to implement some new features. The participants in the beta phase were impressed by the performance and the speed of read more...

Lookeen on Terminal Servers and Citrix Systems

5. November 2009 14:14 | Eric Ebert

With Citrix and Terminal Servers, applications are executed on the servers and only the application interface is displayed on the users’ end devices. Therefore, the end device does not need to provide processing power read more...

New Lookeen Version 1.3 with Group Policies

29. October 2009 11:12 | Peter Oehler

Axonic delivers with the new version 1.3 an important feature: The Lookeen Group Policies. With that you are able to control to give employees access to sensible or confidential Outlook items, only if they read more...

Lookeen is a Desktop Search!

30. September 2009 12:58 | Eric Ebert

A lot of Windows users have already noticed the benefits of a desktop search and taken advantage of it. However, you do not need additional tools to browse your desktop – because the function of read more...


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