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Microsoft released an update and broke search. Again.

21. August 2017 16:16 | Eric Ebert

Desktop and Outlook search is tough. It’s a space that both pays our salaries and keeps us up at night. When Microsoft released a new version (7870.2020 and 7870.2024) in June this year they read more...

GSA Enterprise Search: Has Google Pulled the Plug on Another Product Your Company Relies On?

24. February 2016 12:20 | Eric Ebert

Google Search Appliance is being shut down. Find out what the alternatives are and get expert opinions on what it all means for enterprise search. Switching enterprise search appliances can be hard, let us read more...

Google is shutting down Google Search Appliance, so what’s the alternative?

11. February 2016 15:15 | Eric Ebert

Google announced they’re stopping support for Google Search Appliance. What does this mean for the industry, and for GSA customers? Is Google’s cloud search really a good alternative? read more...

Academic Writing and Search – Filling the Gaps in the Research Process

9. October 2015 15:30 | Cory Schmidt

Original research is a key driver for academic success. Can shared databases with a unifying search tool positively impact academic research? How will a faster research process impact academia at all levels? read more...

New Features in Outlook 2016

8. October 2015 13:36 | Joana Simoes

Office 2016 has been released, and with the new release comes brand new features. Features that make working within your teams much easier, and make email less of an obstacle, and more of a read more...

What is a Computer Search Program?

4. September 2015 14:25 | Joana Simoes

If you ever wondered how all of the computer search software works, here’s a small run down of what happens on your computer. If you are using a PC and running Windows, then the read more...

Americans waste 42 hours a year in traffic, but there is a much bigger time suck you need to worry about

2. September 2015 11:10 | Siobhan O'Rorke

You think sitting in traffic is a waste of time and money? Think again: Email - a daily reality for workers all over America - costs 10 times as much per worker per year read more...

Google Desktop Search: A Security Risk?

1. September 2015 11:38 | Joana Simoes

With so many alternatives to Google Desktop Search, there’s no reason to be living in the past. With no significant update to GDS in 6 years, continuing to use outdated software can put your read more...

10 Reasons Your VDI Implementation Will Fail

19. August 2015 15:47 | Cory Schmidt

Implementing VDI in enterprises is becoming ever easier, but there are still pitfalls. Here are the 10 biggest mistakes most companies make that jeopardize their VDI success, and what you can do to avoid read more...

Windows 10 Released: Our Favorite Features

5. August 2015 17:22 | Joana Simoes

Windows 10 has finally been released. The highly anticipated operating system has a lot to boast about. With plenty of features and upgrades to old features, it is a wonderful addition to the read more...


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