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Windows Search: The Conundrum

6. February 2015 9:10 | Eric Ebert

If you are like most Windows users, you’ve used the native Windows search feature. You may have even found the results you needed, but the problem is the inconsistency of it. If you are read more...

Search Software: The Simpler the Better?

2. February 2015 17:22 | Asher Zarth

Information retrieval is now a central part of daily life, in and outside of the workplace. Having a good search system in place is vital for workplace productivity. read more...

DaaS: Are Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktops the next step for small businesses?

14. January 2015 18:11 | Asher Zarth

Both the popularity and domain of cloud services remain in strong development. Cloud storage is prevalently leveraged across a large number of enterprises. Cloud hosted software and further services, packaged in an “-as-a-Service” model read more...

Happy Holidays from the Team at Lookeen

23. December 2014 14:29 | Eric Ebert

We would like to say thank you from the entire team here at Lookeen, for the support from our friends and clients, and for the great relationships built with journalists and authors in the read more...

Lucene: Strong Foundations for Effective Search

22. December 2014 9:56 | Asher Zarth

Lucene is a powerful text search engine library, which has established itself as the backbone for an extensive range of search tools. Lucene comprises a comprehensive set of scalable, efficient and cross-platform algorithms, written read more...

Search in the Healthcare Industry

17. December 2014 16:18 | Eric Ebert

Many years ago, you could fix a car with a screwdriver and a hammer. The motors were simple and straight forward. People took that same approach to healthcare. If you were sick, take a read more...

Desktop Virtualization: What’s Standing in the way of adoption?

16. December 2014 18:21 | Asher Zarth

VDI, or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, has been around for some time, with market leaders VMware, Citrix and Microsoft offering comprehensive solutions for desktop virtualisation. Centralising and standardising software and data in enterprise appears to read more...

Importance of Semantic Search in Enterprise

25. November 2014 16:06 | Asher Zarth

Semantic search is steadily increasing in popularity. Semantics are already leveraged to some degree across numerous and varied search engines. There are difficult challenges in implementation and query processing to overcome, however, semantics are read more...

Big Data and Impacts on Enterprise Search

18. November 2014 18:26 | Asher Zarth

The usefulness of data storage is inherently derived from the ability retrieve, at command, a relevant subset of the data. So, as data sets grow bigger, how does this impact the future of search read more...

Desktop Search and the Future

7. November 2014 16:47 | Eric Ebert

Desktop search was a major focus of many companies over the years. Google entered the fray in 2004 with their own client tool that was designed to let users search their own PCs for read more...


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