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The Variety of Desktop Search Solutions

28. October 2014 13:27 | Eric Ebert

The reasons many people look for a desktop search alternative is because they want functions that aren’t included in the native Windows Search. If a user wants to search Microsoft Outlook as well as read more...

What is Desktop Virtualization?

22. October 2014 13:51 | Eric Ebert

Desktop virtualization, also called VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), is currently on everyone’s lips. To understand desktop virtualization, one must first explain the concept of “virtualization“: This is where hardware, operating systems, data storage or read more...

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktop Virtualization?

20. October 2014 18:53 | Eric Ebert

Desktop virtualization or VDI has been an IT trending topic for years. The largest players in this market are Citrix, VMware or Microsoft Azure. Like any new technology, it brings opportunities and risks. What read more...

Problem: Outlook and File Search in Virtual Desktop Environments

17. October 2014 18:36 | Eric Ebert

As practical, convenient and secure virtual desktop environments may be – in practice, they do present some problems. For example, try to find an email in an Outlook mailbox, or a file on the read more...

Outlook syncing with new Windows 7.8 update

11. March 2013 19:00 | Eric Ebert

We’ve been hearing rumors that the new Windows 7.8 update has been causing contact syncing problems with Outlook.com. The main issue appears to be that if you update a contact on the desktop Outlook.com, read more...

Outlook 2013 and the New Public Folders

28. February 2013 13:08 | Eric Ebert

If you’ve tried out the new Outlook 2013 in conjunction with Exchange 2013 Preview, you’ve probably noticed the changes with Public Folders. While Microsoft has been trying to move away from Public Folders basically since read more...

Windows RT and the Outlook Problem

16. February 2013 19:14 | Eric Ebert

If you’re wondering what Windows RT is, you’re not alone. It’s the Windows Operating System that was specifically designed to run on tablets. I’ll start with Legacy programs. Windows RT doesn’t support them. That read more...

Is the future of computers the smartphone?

8. February 2013 11:15 | Eric Ebert

The way I see it, we’re moving to a more mobile society. If you don’t have smartphone right now, you’re out of the loop. I just read an article in the New York Times read more...

Windows 8 and the Outlook Search Problem

15. January 2013 15:17 | Eric Ebert

Microsoft removed the Outlook search function from Windows search when they released Windows 8. Here are a few ways to get that functionality back.. read more...

Outlook 2013 Geared Towards More Social Integration

12. October 2012 13:55 | Eric Ebert

With the release of the Outlook 2013 test versions, we are able to get a glimpse at which direction Microsoft is heading with their ubiquitous email and task management software. It seems pretty clear read more...


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