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The Tasks of Enterprise Search

5. October 2012 9:47 | Eric Ebert

Many people are familiar with search engines. Anyone that is in their mid-30s and younger probably grew up with a preferred internet search engine on their home PC. The ability to search for and read more...

What is SharePoint?

1. October 2012 13:19 | Eric Ebert

SharePoint is a Web Application developed by Microsoft™, which launched in 2001. The original idea was for a platform for content management and document management. Now, I could go through all of the features read more...

What is Email Archiving?

1. October 2012 13:19 | Eric Ebert

Wikipedia’s definition of email archiving is: “Email archiving is a systematic approach to saving and protecting the data contained in email messages so it can be accessed quickly at a later date.” Pretty straight read more...

Microsoft has released pricing for Office 2013 and Office 365

24. September 2012 13:58 | Eric Ebert

I think that Microsoft has kind of confused people with the marketing of these two programs side-by-side. (Think Netflix streaming and traditional businesses being split) I’m interested in both pricing models and really look read more...

Outlook 2013 Takes a Step Into the Modern World

15. September 2012 18:05 | Eric Ebert

If you look at the updated Outlook in the Microsoft Office 2013 Suite, you won’t see huge changes. There are a few changes to the menus and a few added features, but I wanted read more...

Competition and Consolidation in the Enterprise Search Market

5. September 2012 10:00 | Marcia Nißen

With the patent wars between Apple and Samsung heating up, it’s no wonder that people are taking a second look at patent law and the consequences for the consumer. I started to think about read more...

Lookeen Support Launches New Twitter Account!

26. July 2012 10:17 | Eric Ebert

We at Lookeen would like to announce the new launch of our Lookeen Support Twitter account! We think that the quick notification and short text style of Twitter is a great new channel of communication for read more...

Enterprise Search Summit 2012

12. June 2012 16:03 | Eric Ebert

It’s that time of year again! Time to start planning for the Enterprise Search Summit 2012. This year it will be hosted in Washington, D.C. from October 17-19th. Advanced tickets are already on sale read more...

Intranets 2012 Conference

20. May 2012 11:06 | Eric Ebert

The Intranets 2012 Conference in Sydney, Australia has just concluded. If you don’t know what it is, here is the link for 2012: Intranets 2012 It’s the largest gathering of enterprise systems people in read more...

The Business Cost of Enterprise Search

20. May 2012 10:05 | Eric Ebert

The overall goal of Enterprise search is, to be able to access information in a timely and efficient manner without incurring crippling costs. The goal of the manager of the search tool is to read more...


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