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Lookeen Product Give-Away

15. April 2012 15:09 | Eric Ebert

Do you know MakeUseOf.com? It’s a very popular tech blog that gives helpful tips on all things tech related. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest add-on or an email search tool like Lookeen, read more...

Great Feedback Builds Great Products!

30. March 2012 20:10 | Eric Ebert

Lookeen was featured on CNET.com! We really appreciate the user base of CNET, because they are a large group that is very helpful when it comes to offering constructive advice. Fortunately for us, their read more...

The Enterprise Search and Findability Report 2012 is out!

10. January 2012 16:13 | Eric Ebert

The global survey about Enterprise Search was conducted between March and May of this year. In it, 75% of respondents said that Enterprise Search was a critical factor in success.  It seems that finding read more...

Enterprise Search is not Google

10. August 2011 11:23 | Eric Ebert

When I use Google search, I have a specific question, but not Enterprise Search specific. Let me explain, when I use Google I want a solution or an idea to my question (think I read more...

Desperate Times Call for a Shared Index

3. July 2011 16:25 | Eric Ebert

The ability of a company to save resources (especially in times like these) is very important. If you’re like me, you might be doing a little belt tightening at home due to the new read more...

Enterprise Search is on a Roll

13. June 2011 9:28 | Eric Ebert

One of the biggest concerns a company has when it comes to Enterprise Search options is not only the ease of use, but also the ease of rollout. How easy is it to get read more...

Sharing Made Easy with Public Folders

15. May 2011 16:26 | Peter Oehler

You keep reading or hearing about public folders: it is said they are reasonable alternative solutions to SharePoint. Therefore a closer investigation of this folder configuration is worth it. read more...

A Brief History of Search

20. April 2011 13:51 | Eric Ebert

The history of data searching is a long one, but I’m going to focus specifically on search engines on computers. Search, or the idea of search came about right after WWII, when everyone was read more...

Lookeen wins Reader’s Choice Award 2011 (again)!

30. March 2011 13:32 | Eric Ebert

We are very happy to have won the Reader’s Choice award for the second straight year! The readers at www.about.com have spoken, and for the second time we have been chosen to hold the read more...

Important information about Exchange Servers

10. November 2010 21:23 | Peter Oehler

An Exchange Server is a mailing or groupware system. The Exchange Server is a product from the Microsoft Company. Most of the cases, this type of servers is used by companies using mainly Microsoft read more...


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