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Lookout email search – an Obituary

20. August 2009 19:18 | Peter Oehler

The Microsoft Outlook users have been wishing for an extended and fast search function since the first version of Outlook was launched. Public folders as well as exchange mailboxes have to be browsed. It read more...

Lookout for Outlook

18. July 2009 21:34 | Peter Oehler

Most people know Microsoft Outlook as the go-to email client that will organize all of your email communication into one location. Not only will it manage your email, but contacts, dates, appointments can be read more...

Lookeen covered by TOP U.S. Radio Show

23. March 2009 11:03 | Peter Oehler

Lookeen recently has been on air. We have been on the radio! Here is the link to the interview: http://archives.warpradio.com/btr/ComputerAmerica/031922.mp3 About the show: Computer America is now in its EIGHTEENTH season in nationally syndicated read more...

Lookeen 2.0 download available!

11. March 2009 11:04 | Peter Oehler

Normally each user has a personal index for his data. However, it can really be very useful to not only have a personal index but also to search additionally in several external Lookeen-Indexes. Assuming read more...

Lookeen 2.0 Release March 11th 2009 – Update for Lookeen customers for free!

25. February 2009 15:05 | Peter Oehler

New customers: Although there are amazing new features in Lookeen 2.0 – the price will stay the same! Lookeen customers are able to use the build in updater feature. Or just go online (at read more...

Outlook Contacts

14. February 2009 21:35 | Peter Oehler

Stored contacts on the internet and on the computer are useful everyday. For example, you might need the data of specific contacts to write emails to. Using Outlook you can browse the contact database read more...

Upcoming Version 2.0 will search in closed archives

30. January 2009 21:07 | Peter Oehler

Lookeen 2.0 provides the best solution for dealing with different PST-files: Search as many PST files (e.g. archives) as you want and have access to the content, although the files are not concurrently opened in read more...


18. January 2009 11:33 | Peter Oehler

It’s been more than 20 years since e-mails started to replace the common communication by letters or telegrams. The first kind of digital message was known as the the telex or the fax. Towards read more...

New search features in Lookeen 2.0

19. December 2008 21:08 | Peter Oehler

In order to make complex searches in Outlook easy, you can use the extended search fields in the Lookeen search result window. Now you’re able to restrict your search quickly and easily without using read more...

Desktop Search

10. December 2008 21:33 | Peter Oehler

The desktop search allows for a fast search of the computer. As a rule, the complete set of files will be searched by this tool. What is characteristic of the desktop search is its read more...


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