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Enterprise search

24. November 2008 21:33 | Peter Oehler

Enterprise Search in general denotes an enterprise-wide search. It forms part of the so-called information retrieval. By means of the enterprise search a content-oriented search via computer is made possible. This search is carried read more...

What is a Search Engine Exactly?

2. November 2008 21:36 | Peter Oehler

The search engine: the only method to find your way around the World Wide Web and, ideally, to really end up at the place you had in mind. Search engines are not only the read more...

Lookeen 2.0 Release beginning of 2009

30. October 2008 12:10 | Peter Oehler

Central Indexing of jointly used Outlook data within the company – this is the new Lookeen Shared Index. Normally each user has a personal index for his data. However, it can really be very read more...

Exchange Cached

23. October 2008 15:47 | Peter Oehler

Since the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 version Microsoft offers the cached mode feature. The advantage of the cached mode compared to the uncached mode is that in the case of the cached mode you read more...

Search Tool

23. October 2008 11:25 | Peter Oehler

No matter if you are looking for something special on the Internet, or on your own computer, a search is unavoidable in many cases. You will at least once per day use a computer read more...


23. September 2008 13:32 | Peter Oehler

When searching for Enterprise, server based, computing solutions, the name Citrix often comes up. Citrix Systems is an enterprise that was founded in 1989 and is now headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Citrix has read more...

Email and Desktop Folder

4. July 2008 21:24 | Peter Oehler

To make it easier to work with a computer and to avoid a constant search for data it is advisable to create different folders. Folders can be set up within a drive or directly read more...

Terminal Server

18. June 2008 13:25 | Peter Oehler

In search of administrate solutions for application software, which are efficient and easy to manage, oftentimes a terminal server system is suggested. A terminal server is a technology which is based on transfers of read more...

Lucene software – A platform to build on

6. June 2008 21:34 | Peter Oehler

Lucene is a PC tracking software which was developed by Doug Cutting. It is quickly growing in popularity. You have the ability to scour whole texts and to get an overview as a result. read more...

Increasing Outlook’s Speed – Helping Outlook to run Faster

29. April 2008 21:24 | Peter Oehler

Outlook is an email program by Windows vendor Microsoft. It is part of the successful Office suite and besides managing emails it keeps track of appointments, contacts and notes. Regarding the possible amount of read more...


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