How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook 2013

8. August 2018 15:08 | Dinnie Muslihat

Email signatures are an important part of your corporate identity. Not only does including one exude professionalism but it also stamps business legitimacy and shows that you’re focused on communicating transparently. It’s also a read more...

What New Features to Expect in Outlook 2019

3. April 2018 15:25 | Dinnie Muslihat

Due for release in September this year, the latest version of Outlook promises to simplify email management, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity. It will do this with features that tackle content management, notifications, and reminders. read more...

How To Color Code Emails in Outlook 2016

15. December 2017 14:59 | Dinnie Muslihat

Implementing color codes on Outlook 2016 is a similar process to setting it up on Outlook 2013. Following a few simple steps will allow you to customize incoming messages and organize your inbox so that you don’t miss important read more...

How To Fix Outlook 2016 Search Problems

2. June 2017 11:09 | Joana Simoes

As with every version of Outlook, you’ll run into search problems with Outlook 2016 as well. With the frequent use of Outlook, there is no way around it. Luckily, search problems in Outlook 2016 read more...

How to Resort Outlook Mailboxes

15. April 2017 11:15 | Joana Simoes

In recent versions of Outlook, resorting Outlook mailboxes can be done within seconds. In earlier versions it's not as simple. Still, all allow resorting Outlook mailboxes in one way or another. Here’s how. read more...

How To Backup and Restore Outlook Categories

13. March 2017 14:22 | Joana Simoes

Outlook categories are necessary to boost productivity. Outlook categories create a color-coded system in your mailbox that keeps it organized. Learn how to backup and restore the Outlook Categories to a separate file read more...

Video: Three Outlook Tips with Lookeen’s Advanced Search

27. February 2017 11:44 | Siobhan O'Rorke

See how you can use Lookeen to solve three common problems: Finding an email you know little about, wasting time performing common tasks, and trying to gain an overview of emails with a common read more...

How To Fix Outlook 2013 Search Problems

26. January 2017 15:24 | Joana Simoes

Has your Outlook 2013 search suddenly stopped working? You keep typing different words and phrases, but it does not make a difference. Here are a few things you can check before you give up read more...

What to do When Your Contacts are Missing in Outlook

5. September 2016 16:45 | Joana Simoes

Your Address Book in Outlook should be kept up to date and backed up so you can avoid problems when upgrading to a new version. Outlook contacts may go missing in the upgrading process, read more...

How to Create an Email Signature in Outlook 2016

10. August 2016 16:02 | Joana Simoes

If you’ve used Outlook for a long time then you’ll know that setting up a signature in Outlook 2016 won't be much different from the past. A few extra tips will help keep your read more...


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