How To Fix Outlook 2003 Search Problems

Outlook has been around for quite some time, and it is the most widely used email client around the world. It is used by most on daily basis, and quite frequently through out the day. For this reason, most will eventually come to experience some issues—the older the version of Outlook, the more problems that may arise.

What should you do if your Outlook 2003 search stops working? It’s not difficult to fix, you just need some patience and a few steps and your Outlook 2003 search problems will be gone.


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Ways to Fix Outlook Search Problems

There are many different things that could be causing your Outlook 2003 search problems. We’ve covered solutions for search problems in Outlook multiple times (here, here, and here, for example), many of which apply to Outlook 2003.

Here is a bit more information about other things that could be causing search issues, and a brief look at what to do to fix them.


Check the System Files

There could be some damaged system files connected to the functionality of Microsoft Outlook causing your Outlook search problems. In this case, the issue can easily be resolved if you use the System File Checker tool. You can also try to restore your system to a time when your Outlook 2003 Search was working properly. If you think it may be a problem with your .pst or .ost file, you can try running the pst scan and repair tool.


Repair the Application

It could be that files that are needed for Outlook to function are corrupted or damaged—this requires a fix or repair. Anyone who runs into this problem can go to the top of Outlook 2003 and click on Help, and then run “Detect and Repair”. This feature will automatically check the application files and repair any of the files that are damaged and that will instantly solve the Outlook search problems.


Clean Your Hard Disk

Another reason you could be having Outlook search problems is that there could be some issues with files on your hard disk. You could have malware creating chaos, an excessive amount of fragmented data, large numbers of temporary files, etc. Use a program to check for malware or viruses, and remove them. Use the Disk Cleanup tool on your computer, and also use the Disk Defragmenter to defragment the hard disk. This should get your computer running more smoothly and might help solve some other problems too.


Outlook 2003 Search Folders

Outlook 2003 Search Folders are an option for you to get your searches and your email messages under control. When working under tight schedules and due dates, it is essential to be able to prevent Outlook search problems, but also to have Outlook 2003 Search as a sidekick and not a hindrance to your productivity. Using custom Search Folders in Outlook 2003 Search will be a great advantage. To create Outlook 2003 Search Folders, here is what you need to do:


  1. In Outlook, Click on File and then go down to New, and select Search Folder. This will open a new dialog box called New Search Folder.
  1. In the New Search Folder box you can choose one of the predefined Outlook 2003 Search folders from the list. You can also create a custom folder. In the field below Search Mail in:, select the mailbox that you want to search
  1. Click the OK button and the new Search Folder you have created will appear.


Create a Custom Outlook 2003 Search Folder

If you don’t want to use any of the predefined search folders, you’re able to create custom Outlook 2003 Search Folders. Follow the initial steps above to get into the New Search Folder dialog box.


  1. When you’re in the New Search Folder dialog box, scroll to the bottom of the list and click on where it says Create a custom Search Folder.
  1. Click on the button that says Choose and this opens the Custom Search Folder Box. Here is where you can give the folder a name and choose the criteria.
  1. When you click on the button that says Criteria, it opens another dialog box. This is where you can choose all of the criteria; it can be searching by keyword ‘within the message or subject field’, add something to search for in the ‘from’ or ‘sent to’ fields, or by ‘time the email was sent or received’. Just look through and pick what best fits your needs.

Once you close up all the dialog boxes, you can go to your mailbox and check your new Outlook 2003 search folders.

Try one of these three to figure out and fix your Outlook search problems. Please note that support for Outlook 2003 ended in April of 2014. If you have a lot of problems with Outlook, then you might want to upgrade to a version that has current security updates and technical support.



Date: 02. Feb 2016
Author: Joana Simoes
Tags: Outlook 2003 Outlook Search

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